Have You Heard The One About The Vegan Model Who Refuses To Drink Water?

Here’s a fun joke for you: There’s a guy out there who claims he hasn’t drank water in over three years. Why? Because the vegan (…) and former nurse doesn’t believe it’s an important part of a well-balanced diet. Here’s an even funnier joke: This guy is allegedly not kidding.

Munchies reports that Peter Filak, who refuses to put harmful chemicals like fluoride and chlorine in his body, hasn’t touched a drop of that crazy clear liquid since 2012 and gets all of his nutrition from fruits and vegetables he consumes raw and on the go. The good news? He never has to spend any time in the kitchen and he’s living his best life. The bad news? Lots and lots of people think he’s not very smart. At least the people at the hospital he used to work at, a job which he quit when he realized that the nutritional recommendations for patients (which have been researched before being implemented, right?) didn’t jibe with his own ideals.

Not even his family members were down with his ideas at first:

“The general consensus was that I was being a moron,” he says. “I’ve always had revelations with my parents. When I told them I was a vegan, my mom was crying, my dad was upset, they said I was OCD, and that there was something seriously wrong with me.” But now both of his parents (his father is a former executive chef; his mother, a nurse) are vegan, and his father has even done a juice cleanse—though both are still drinking fluid.

Here’s what Filak’s diet looks like.

Filak says he survives on around 800 to 1,000 calories a day, solely consumed in the form of whole fruits and vegetables. Even his dog, a chihuahua-shih-tzu-papillon-Pekingese mix named Sachi, is on the diet. He’ll have a couple apples and a banana before their standard eight- to ten-mile hikes; she’ll get a kiwi or some carrots if she’s thirsty.

According to experts, Filak’s diet is dangerous and non-sustainable. And, as someone who’s been on a medically monitored diet before, I can tell you that there’s nothing more important than water when you’re eating far less than what most humans are supposed to average per day. But you know, Filak doesn’t need any of that nonsense.

Aside from inviting people to eat more fruits and vegetables (full of water, washed in water, etc…) Filak is also a writer and a webcam model. But, according to Vice, he’s recently taken a break from performing online. And, since the post profiling him was published on Munchies, he’s taken most of his YouTube videos down, too.

Not that you would, but please don’t try this diet at home. If you want to see Filak in action, though, check out this video of him sensuously eating a pineapple while making intense eye contact with the camera.

(Via Munchies/Vice)