Verizon Got Into A Twitter Beef With T-Mobile Over Their Super Bowl Commercial And Things Got Weird

T-Mobile went all in and aired not one, not two, but three star-studded commercials to push the company’s new unlimited data plan during Sunday night’s Super Bowl. One spot featured Justin Bieber and Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski of the New England Patriots dancing, while another had the comedic duo Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg throwing around some tongue-in-cheek marijuana euphemisms, and finally there was the above 50 Shades of Grey style parody starring Kristen Schaal who enjoyed being punished for her naughty, naughty Verizon Wireless data overages.

It was the latter that the rival cell carrier seemed to take the most umbrage with, and Schaal and the T-Mobile official Twitter account indulging in some playful back and forth banter during the game only seemed to twist the knife deeper.

Much like a certain thin-skinned president we know, this all became too much for Verizon, and whoever runs the corporate Twitter account fired back with some, uh, interesting innuendo.

Well that got pretty weird, pretty fast. But things got even weirder when the Verizon customer service Twitter account started trolling Schaal as well.

Thankfully T-Mobile decided to take the high road in their response, because that could have really gone to some dark places.