Victoria’s Secret Model Marisa Miller And Two Guys Get R.I.P.D.

Entertainment Editor

THR reports Victoria’s Secret Angel and 2008 Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Marisa Miller has joined the cast of Universal’s supernatural action film R.I.P.D. based on the comic of the same name. She’ll be playing the absurdly hot human avatar the spirit of Jeff Bridges’s’s’s character inhabits. Jeff Bridges is a grizzled gunslinger from the Old West and will also play one in this film.

Bridges plays part of a detective team alongside Ryan Reynolds, a recently-murdered cop. They work in the “Rest in Peace Department” which is comprised of ghosts who battle other ghosts who are reluctant to depart the world of the living and yes this is actually going to be a movie. The Dude will be inside Marisa Miller’s body and we’re supposed to believe this doesn’t turn into a two-hour shower scene. I was with them for the whole ghosts thing and the otherworldly police force, but no way am I believing this shouldn’t be NC-17. Don’t think so? Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Also in the cast are Mary-Louise Parker, Stephanie Szostak, and Kevin Bacon. It’s being directed by Robert Schwentke (Red) with plans for a June 28, 2013 release. Brand new additions to the cast we can also announce today include veteran character actor James Hong (as the human form Ryan Reynolds takes, which sounds like a sexy time) and Mike O’Malley (presumably as an affable and schlubby ghost), both of whom we believe we gave the proper amount of space in the picture above. Maybe too much space, even. We apologize for the disproportion. Won’t happen again.

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