You Need To Watch This Fascinating Video About The Secret Creation Of Jurassic Park’s CGI Dinos

Jurassic Park and its computer-generated dinosaurs changed the movie landscape forever, but CGI raptors weren’t in the original plans. Jurassic Park was supposed to feature stop-motion dinos created by master of the art form, Phil Tippett. The use of CGI in the movie was the idea of a group of rabble-rousers at Industrial Light & Magic who, initially, were only hired to add minor motion blur effects to Tippett’s work.

The story of how a few guys at ILM created the CGI dinosaurs of Jurassic Park in secret on their own time is fascinating, inspiring stuff. CG effects may have become the face of soulless Hollywood disaster porn, but they were innovated by a small group of passionate renegades with terrible hair. Check out their story below…

So, let’s cast votes — when Stan Winston left the room for half an hour after seeing the CGI T-rex, was it to cry or jerk it? Both?

Via Cartoon Brew