It Appears As Though This Baltimore Mom Was Not Pleased To Catch Her Son Rioting

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04.27.15 14 Comments

A bit of a lighter moment out of all of the horribleness in Baltimore is the image of this alleged mother showing her displeasure with her son’s choices to go out and join those who are looting and rioting.

There are various different angles from the scene, but the one that seems to be making the rounds the most is taken from a CBS report that was also carried on CNN. Wolf Blitzer ignoring the entire thing is perfect Blitzer, probably too busy fiddling with an interactive 3D map of Baltimore to care that a mother was slapping the taste of her kid’s mouth.

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Some folks on Twitter seem to support the mother’s actions, but I just think it’s funny that motherly justice is a thing even in the middle of a police standoff. It’s perfect and at least something to chuckle about as a state of emergency is declared with the National Guard on the way.

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