This Rowdy Passenger Threw A Punch At His Bus Driver, Who Returned The Favor Many Times Over

This video of a bus driver attempting to talk some sense into an unruly passenger starts out in a predictable, ho-hum manner. Then in a matter of moments, sh*t gets real when the passenger tosses an unwise punch at the driver. In the split second after the driver realizes what’s going down on his bus, several kinetic tons of fury are unleashed in a smattering of defensive punches. Justice is swift, and the bus driver doesn’t stop after forcing his passenger nemesis out of the bus. One last punch, and the tough guy jig is up for the bus rider who couldn’t keep his attitude or fists to himself.

This video is nothing short of primal in terms of the bus driver’s immediate reaction. At a certain point, the punches cease to be self-protective and head straight into terrifying territory. Did this passenger have it coming? We don’t really know what the original verbal altercation was all about, but tossing a punch at anyone — let alone a man forced to sit in one position all day and drive around ungrateful masses — is never a smart move. Especially when a dash cam is likely going to be rolling for all of posterity.