Bethesda Raises The Bar With ‘Fallout 4’ At E3, Announcing An Official Release Date In 2015

Bethesda made sure they brought their A-game to their first E3 showcase, and they capped things off with an extended look at Fallout 4. The game has literally been years in the making and it shows, from customizable weapons, a gigantic world, and a character creation that should probably set the standard in games down the road.

On top of that, Bethesda announced that the game will hit shelves on Nov. 10, 2015. That means you only have a few short months to prepare for a brand-new Fallout experience. You’ll have to fill that time by replaying the older titles and watching these trailers over and over.

Above, you can see the character creation and intro to the game. We didn’t get much about the story during the presentation, but it does begin before the bombs drop and leads to you ending up in Vault 111. From there we got a look at the gameplay, which you can see below.

There was also a great look at the crafting system within the game, pretty much allowing you build anything you want within the game world. It’s like Minecraft meets Fallout.

And Bethesda also announced that a brand-new mobile game is available right now called Fallout 4 Shelter. It’s a mobile RPG game where you act as the Overseer of a Vault from the series, aiding the inhabitants and keeping the bunker running in order. The developers said it isn’t a free-to-play or freemium title, so it’s out there to play as you read this. Check it out below.

(Via Bethesda)