Video Game Hall Of Fame Announces Its First Inductees

Anything with “Hall of Fame” in its title usually has to do with sports or music. However, the Video Game Hall of Fame is now a thing, and it just inducted its first six members. Most are titles with which you’re probably familiar, but if you were born on or around the year 2000, then there’s a good chance you only know one because of a reference in That ’70s Show.

According to the A.V. Club, of the 15 submitted titles, the chosen six are PongPac-ManTetrisSuper Mario Bros.Doom, and World of Warcraft. And where will these illustrious new members of the Video Game Hall of Fame be celebrated, you ask? That’d be the Strong Museum in Rochester, N.Y., the home of the National Toy Hall of Fame. So it’s not all just rock-and-rolling and sports-ing.

This calls for a celebration, no? Best clear your schedule for some Video Game Hall of Fame-induced bouts of binge gaming.

(Via A.V. Club)