This Eagle-Eyed Bus Passenger Helps Out A Cyclist Who Dropped His Keys

05.31.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

There is certainly a lot of negative garbage clogging up the interwebs these days, so it’s nice to get some feel-good content every now and then.

This Youtube clip is filmed from a bicyclist’s helmet cam as he is taking a stroll through Oslo, Norway. As he is riding, a large red bus passes him on his commute. After a few minutes pass, the cyclist happens upon the same bus, which is at a stop releasing its passengers. The bicycle rider attempts to pass the parked bus, but before he can, an exiting passenger yells to grab his attention. The man, who must have the vision of a friggin’ hawk, tells the bike rider that he saw a small set of keys fall from the rider’s pocket as the bus was passing him. Still filming the entire interaction, the cyclist thanks the man, and rides back to the area where the good samaritan said the keys were dropped, finding them laying on the pavement.

Ahhh, nothing like some food for the soul, even if it’s just a small bite.

(Via: Reddit)

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