Watch These Two Moose In A Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight For The Ages

10.05.15 3 years ago

In Alaskan neighborhoods, catching a glimpse of assorted wildlife is nothing unusual, but it is rutting season, so things are getting a bit out of hand. Early fall is peak rutting season when animals prefer to mate, so the madness is going down in the competition for breeding rights. A South Anchorage man, Bill Tyra, captured this footage of two moose going to town. At the beginning of the footage, the two moose appear evenly matched, but by the end of the clip, one completely kicks the other’s ass.

Tyra spoke with KTVA news about his spectacular “front row seats” to this event. At first, he took refuge behind a car but then moved to a ledge. That was a wise move because these two moose are angry fellas, and one of them is clearly more powerful with energy to spare after the fight. All of the pent-up energy — a year’s worth of sexual frustration — came out in this fight. The news station says that a rutting session will cause “the neck muscles of bull moose expand to twice their normal size.” How terrifying and all because of moose ladies. Boys will be boys.

This fight was really something but nearly as majestic as, say, a giraffe fight. Speaking of which, here’s one of those videos, too. Enjoy.

(Via KTVA)

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