Check Out This Insane Mother’s Day Brawl At A Red Lobster In Georgia

From Columbus, Georgia, comes a rather terrifying and violent brawl in a Red Lobster on Mother’s Day. According to the local news report, four guys accosted one man while he was leaving the restaurant with his family as retaliation:

It is believed the group of males assaulted the victim because they believe he may be involved in the 2014 Gleason Avenue shooting that killed Robert Brooks.

Apparently all four men involved in the attack were arrested, and all but one made bail. One member of the family of the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, told WTVM:

“As soon as we walked out the door, they just started surrounding us and I said, ‘there are kids out here please don’t do that,’ and they just started throwing blows.”

Additionally, three of the victims of the attack were treated for cuts to the head and face and were later released from medical care.

(Via WTVM and Instagram)