Wait, Comic-Con Visitors Were Heavily Armed?

08.01.11 8 years ago

As we all know, Comic-Con wrapped up amid lots of frenzied raids on the vendor’s tables and arguments over which panel was awesome and which one was terrible. It’s when the nerd tendency to overanalyze marketing materials is at its height. But apparently some nerds came armed. Like, really well armed.

Comic-Con, it turns out, has a fairly detailed weapons check to keep insane cosplayers from being too insane. For example, the first day of the con, some guy tried to walk through the door with a fully operational (albeit unloaded) AR-15 rifle. Before you ask, yes, he was cosplaying Rambo and no, he didn’t have the abs for it. Other fun stuff found: K-Bar knives, lead pipes, machetes, and a two-foot long stilleto. No word on whether they had fire damage bonuses or a higher chance of critical hits.

[ via the blademasters at Sign On San Diego ]

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