A Waitress Spoke Out Against A ‘Cruel’ Table That Left Her ‘LOL’ As A Tip


Restaurant patrons aren’t required to tip, but, if they choose not to, they don’t have to be a dick about it. A New Jersey waitress recently uploaded a photo of a receipt to Facebook from customers who not only left nothing, but in the area marked “tip,” they scribbled, “LOL.”

Jessica Corrine wrote that, earlier this month, she served a table of eight who had to wait an hour to eat, which, she realizes, is too long a time. But, she said, “They remained satisfied with filled drinks and proper notice that the kitchen was a bit busier than normal. I’ve worked in the service industry for five years, and I take pride in providing great service to my customers.”

Last night, I was stunned by this receipt that was left for me by a party of eight people. I would have preferred a "$0"...

Posted by Jessica Corinne on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The wait staff is in an unfair position because, as Jessica notes, “I know how aggravating it is to receive a hefty bill when all night you’ve been wondering why the table that came in after you was served before you.” They’re the proverbial messengers — and less likely to spit in your food than the cooks — so if you’re not happy, they’re the ones who are going to hear about it. It’s surprising more restaurants don’t automatically add a gratuity, especially with a party of eight, or, y’know, waiters and waitresses could get paid more than $2.50/hour. That would help, too. (Via ABS CBN)

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