Police Are Looking For Three Men Who Set Off A Walmart Fireworks Display

Walmart is sort of a strange place. To many it is viewed as an evil corporation that masks itself behind a veneer of red-white-and-blue, family values and wholesomeness. Their aggressive business conduct to keep their prices down, lacking treatment of their employees and general reputation of being everything wrong with America is something that they can’t seem to shake. But even though a lot of people view Walmart as the enemy, it’s still incredibly successful and many find themselves begrudgingly shopping there because, well, what else are they supposed to do? They’re affordable.

In Arizona, three men decided that they weren’t big fans of Walmart (or under the influence) and decided to create a rather destructive, patriotic display in the fireworks aisle. That patriotic display involved igniting a shelf of fireworks, with the fireworks spreading and exploding inside of the store while customers and employees ran for safety. reports that Arizona police are currently searching for three men believed to be linked with the act of arson and sure, while this could be kind of funny, it was also incredibly dangerous and innocent people may have gotten hurt. Not to mention people could’ve lost their jobs if the store went up in flames.

So yeah, stage your anti-capitalist displays, but be mindful of people that might get caught in the crossfire. If you are intoxicated and in a Walmart, well, I’m not sure what kind of advice to give you outside of blow stuff up outside and away from people.