Want To Wrap Up Friday With Some More “Ghost Rider” Footage?

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We’ve previously told you about how gleefully insane the next “Ghost Rider” movie looks, and now we have more footage of…er…well…a really cliche opening to an action scene.

Seriously, out of all the stuff they could have used to show the movie off, this was the clip they picked? It does at least establish that this movie is not going to be nearly as goofy as the previous one, and does a good job of establishing the gritty tone this will have.

But it’s seriously the hero arriving, and giving the bad guys a “don’t f*** with me” look. OK, so the guy giving the look is on fire, which is at least mildly intimidating, but it would help to see some ass-kicking, Sony. See the clip under the jump and judge for yourself.

[ via the Spirits of Wedgies at Wired ]

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