Who Wants To See What Having Three Testicles Looks Like? Reddit To The Rescue!

Step aside, man with two dicks, because a Reddit user who goes by GardenofGandalf claims that he just turned eighteen so now he can finally show the world what having three testicles looks like. So if you’ve ever wondered — and if you’re like me you almost definitely have spent sleepless nights pondering this — here’s a SUPER DUPER NSFW photo. Like the DoubleDickDude, this is a real and extremely rare congenital disorder called Polyorchidism, of which there have apparently only ever been less than 200 cases reported in medical literature. We’re looking at a real unicorn here, people. Sadly I have a hunch going by his Reddit user name that the instances of him actually getting to use them on anything are probably few and far between.

The Q/A session was kind of a bust, because that’s what happens when a sexually inexperienced 18-year-old with three nuts posts a picture of his balls on the internet (which oddly provoked other men to share photos of their regular nuts, because why not?) so I’ll leave you with hands down the best question a Reddit user could possibly ask a guy with three balls:

Do you ever do a newton’s cradle type thing with them?

Cant say ive tried

Well why not? Carpe diem, my friend!

Can confirm it does not work!