Washington State Is Enforcing A ‘No Bowl Ticket’ Rule On Angry Fans Who Have Criticized The Program

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12.19.13 4 Comments
> on November 23, 2013 in Pullman, Washington.

“We’ve got pride, yes we do! Otherwise Bill Moos won’t let us travel.”

Earlier in the college football season, there was a hilariously strange rumor that the Washington State Cougars football program, and specifically Athletic Director Bill “Cows Go” Moos, had been keeping a list of naughty fans and alumni known as the “No Bowl Ticket” file. Basically, because things had been going so poorly for the Cougars over the last decade and the team hadn’t played in a bowl, Moos and Co. were keeping track of all of the people who were emailing and writing nasty things about the program and personnel, because when the time finally came for Wazzou to play in a bowl, those people were sh*t out of luck on tickets.

On Saturday, the Cougars will play Colorado State in the lackluster New Mexico Bowl, but some fans won’t be able to see them play because they have exactly been bowled over by the team’s poor seasons. Regardless of the passion or stupidity of fans, Moos is apparently proudly standing his ground, saying that he “wants people to be proud of what the program is doing.” Yeah, this is the apex of pride.

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