Watch ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Recreated In ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’

A Clockwork Orange is a movie that pop culture has been fascinated with since it came out, not least for its refusal to demonize its sociopathic main character. If that sounds a little familiar, some Grand Theft Auto Online players thought so too, and orchestrated this tribute.

What’s impressive about this is how close they get to the original film. Obviously it’s not a perfect match; that will have to wait for modders to get at the PC version. But they nail it to the extent they can, right down to the somewhat dated effects during the driving sequences, and they even cut together the audio from the original quite well. It took a dozen people working together, which makes it all the more impressive.

Honestly, though, they should take on a much greater challenge: Adapting the musical written by Anthony Burgess into the game. Or at the very least, let’s see what Digital Alex can do with “Singin’ In The Rain.”