Watch A Giant Iceberg Crumble Into The Ocean

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a story about a diehard anti-climate change Republican who’d been moved to tears after attending a screening of Chasing Ice, a new documentary about the melting polar ice caps.

In an interview outside the theater, she said the following…

“There must be something I can do … to help our children, to help my grandchildren. I thought it [global warming] was bullshit … and that is because I listened, I believed Bill O’Reilly … and I saw this movie and now I will apologize to anyone I ever talked into not believing in global warming.”

The video embedded above is apparently a clip from Chasing Ice the producers of the film uploaded to YouTube today. It shows what they claim is the largest iceberg breakup ever filmed.

It’s like watching ‘Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes’, says filmmaker James Balog. He’s describing the largest iceberg calving ever filmed, as featured in his movie, Chasing Ice. After weeks of waiting, the filmakers witnessed 7.4 cubic km of ice crashing off the Ilulissat glacier in Greenland. Chasing Ice, released in the UK on Friday, follows James Balog’s mission to document Arctic ice being melted by climate change.