Watch Batman Fight Darth Vader With A F*cking Lightsaber In This New Fan Film

No one expects Warner Bros. and Disney to align themselves for a cinematic recreation of the DC/Marvel Amalgam Universe, much less a bonkers DC/Star Wars crossover, but thankfully Machinima and Bat in the Sun have cut past the corporate hand wringing with an entry in the Super Power Beat Down series that features an epic battle between Batman and Darth Vader.

This is the to-the-death slugfest that we deserve and the one that we need. It’s also a really high quality piece of fan-service. I could see a dog driving a stock-car or Matthew McConaughey slowly sipping a warm beverage and it wouldn’t be half as cool a sight as seeing Batman with a lightsaber in his hand. Top that, Zack Snyder.

Via Topless Robot