Watch Airport Passengers Tackle A Raging Homophobe At The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

At the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday, a crazed and possibly intoxicated man kicked another man wearing a pink shirt and called him a “f*ggot.” He also threw punches at other passengers and airport officers before he was pinned to the ground.

Before the altercation became physical, someone asked, “What are you upset about?” He replied, “Queers is what I’m upset about! This f*ggot right here!” Shortly after, he kicked the man wearing the pink shirt and smacked the back of his head. Immediately, other passengers grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground until he could be taken into custody. Stupidly, the man also appeared to attempt head-butting one of the officers as they were getting him off the ground.

Public brawl videos can really make a person lose faith in humanity, but I highly recommend watching the above video of this incident all the way to the end, when cameraman Andrew Kennedy is revealed. His beard is magnificent, and his family seems delightful and full of wisdom. When Andrew asks his brother Neal if he would like to give some advice to the instigator, he said, “Take a long, hard look in the mirror. Find your maker.”

Unfortunately, Andrew’s father was not on-hand to give his own take on the situation as he was “taking a poop.”

“He’s a good-looking man!” Andrew motioned at his face. “Like this, without the beard.”

Source: Gawker