Watch A Huge Wave Crash Into A Restaurant In Santa Barbara

For the first time ever, the weather in California is awful right now. It’s been raining LITERALLY non-stop in Southern California for WEEKS now, at least according to people who live in SoCal on Twitter (they might be exaggerating), and now comes footage of a huge wave crashing into a restaurant in Santa Barbara.

It’s terrifying, and yet…

My breakfast at Moby Dick’s Restaurant while filming the large storm surf breaking on the pier in Santa Barbara, California. The swell increased with every wave that passed. I recall telling people at the table in front of me, the pier will likely be closed soon due to the high surf. One minute later. I see a set of waves approaching and pickup my smart phone to film. The video shows the wave breaking through the restaurant window. The dining room was filled with the sound of glass shattering and people screaming as a wave of water rush over the dining room carpet. Everyone froze including the staff. So, I rushed over to make sure there was not any major injuries. I proceeded to warn everyone of the danger that could follow with the next wave and to evacuate the room. We got the room evacuated without the anymore injuries. (Via)

…serves them right for eating in a restaurant named after an evil whale.