Watch This Insane Globetrotting Domino Trick!

I can hear you all now. You’ll say “dominoes are for children and bored old men who’ve lost their will to live.” A relic shoved off to retirement homes, community centers and the bottom of the toy chest. You’ll be wrong of course and this video will be a testament to that.

Domino geniuses Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy collaborated to create a trick that manages to travel from the United States to Germany, with the help of YouTube of course. The duo used nearly 25,000 dominoes over three months to create this masterpiece and the proof is in the pudding.  The video begins with Hevesh5 in the United States and splits at around 1:35 to seamlessly travel to Millionendollarboy in Germany.

It makes me feel inadequate just thinking of the focus and foresight it took to create the numerous puzzles throughout. I used to try such things using old VHS tapes we owned, even the big white awkward Disney boxes that wouldn’t stand correctly. This of course reveals that I knew nothing of the possibilities and I applaud both for their effort.

Enjoy the craftsmanship.