Watch Justin Bieber Gloriously Eat Pavement Attempting To Do Skateboard Tricks

Justin Bieber and his new Ellen Degeneres hair impressed onlookers in NYC over the weekend near Madison Square Garden, as he attempted to perform a simple ollie down a flight of a few stairs, over and over and over . . . and over again — at one point wiping out entirely. It’s like when a toddler attempts to perform some stupid thing and the kid is all like, “Mommy look at this!” And instead of the mommy watching for a few, scant, humored seconds before wearily turning her attention back to a mid-morning glass of wine — stands in rapt, awestruck attention as the child fails time and time again before finally earning a half-hearted modicum of success.

In a nutshell, that pretty much sums up every single thing that has gone wrong in Justin Bieber’s life since like 2008, at least.

NOTE: If the video gets pulled, click here to watch.

(Via TMZ)