Watch The Lowest Scoring ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Speedrun Ever

Speedruns for Super Mario Bros. are common at this point; there are people who can burn through the entire game in less than five minutes. But they can’t pull off what NotEntirelySure did… a run with an absolute minimum of points.

Finishing Super Mario Bros. with the bare minimum of points sounds easier than it actually is. Keep in mind this not only means he can’t grab any powerups, he also can’t grab any coins, hit a block that happens to hold coins, or even do a goomba-stomp. And yes, he beats the game.

And yes, he does die a time or two, mostly in World 8-1, where he has to time a jump and do a wall jump in a pit to avoid touching any of the coins floating above the abyss. That requires timing of quite literally one sixtieth of a second, so, yeah, if he didn’t die this might be slightly suspect.

Either way, it’s oddly hypnotic to watch, and if nothing else, will remind you you haven’t finished Super Mario Bros. while other people have developed near God-like power inside its world. Then again, you’ve also probably played some other video games, so there is that.