Watch Pickachu Kick Ass In Nintendo’s Weird Pokemon/Tekken Mashup, ‘Pokken Tournament’

A couple months back it was revealed that Nintendo was teaming up with the makers of Tekken for a 3D arena-based Pokémon fighting game called Pokken Tournament. Since that first slightly mind-blowing announcement, we haven’t heard much about the game, but last evening Bandai-Namco and Nintendo held a Pokken Tournament stream, during which they revealed several new fighters including, surprise surprise, Pikachu.

You can check out another video of Pikachu in action below (these videos were taken from a stream, if you’re wondering why the quality isn’t quite as pristine as it could be)…

Here’s the whole darn stream if you have an hour-or-so to spare, and can handle some Pokémon superfan commentary…

So far Pokken Tournament has only been announced for Japanese arcades, but it’s almost certainly coming to Wii U, since Nintendo isn’t about to leave any of them sweet Poké-bucks on the table.

Via GoNintendo