Quiksilver’s True Wetsuits Go Straight From The Beach To The Conference Room

Quiksilver has developed a new line of business wear called True Wetsuits so that business professionals can surf on their lunch break, or surfers can give their look a little more class.

True Wetsuits look like a traditional business suit or tuxedo, but they are built like a wetsuit and hold up to surfing and swimming:

Available in navy, black, and of course Tuxedo, True Wetsuits are made from ultra-flexible neoprene and dry completely in minutes. Score one for a cool $2,500 (that’s 300,000 yen if you were curious).

For years, surfing in a tuxedo has been an unachievable dream. Men have dreamed of walking from the ocean to the beach and into the conference room, but not even the great James Bond in Die Another Day could pull it off.

No, Pierce Brosnan could not surf in his usual classy suit and tie. He had to settle for a black turtleneck and slacks. The technology just wasn’t there, not yet, but it is here now for the price of $2,500.

Source: Maxim