Watch Scary The Snowman Spread Some Holiday Cheer By Scaring The Bejesus Out Of Boston Locals

With just days before Christmas, you’d think Frosty the Snowman would be roaming the city streets to spread some holiday cheer. In reality, though, it’s Freaky the Scary Snowman — “Frosty’s evil twin” — who’s out wreaking havoc and scaring the bejesus out of unsuspecting passersby in Boston.

Part of me says “don’t laugh”, only because *I know* I would scream my head off if a perfectly still decorative snowman suddenly lunged at me and growled. But then again, some of these reactions are priceless. Some choice moments:

– the old man who, after being freaked out, laughs and yells out, “I have a heart condition!”
– the baby that just gleefully giggles in the face of evil
– the creepy woman who tries to cozy up with Freaky, asking, “So are you sexy beneath that costume?”

If you want more of Scary the Snowman (you sicko!), check out his “Top 50 Pranks of All Time” video.