Watch The Adorable Interview With The Boy Who Was Saved By His Cat From A Dog Attack

Bakersfield’s 23ABCnews sent a crew out to interview the little boy, Jeremy Triantafilo, whose life was most likely saved yesterday after his cat Tara threw the hell down and kicked some serious dog ass, rescuing him from a vicious attack — in a moment that forever changed the entire universe’s perception of cats.

Poor Jeremy still doesn’t seem to have 100% a grasp on the series of events that saved his life, and doesn’t seem entirely sure why these people are sticking cameras in his face, so in typical small child fashion he alternately ignores the news reporter’s questions between peppering in adorable child quips: “What did she save you from?” “She has whiskers!”

For her part, Tara continues her heroism by complacently lying next to her little boy while he pets her, kisses her, and pulls on her legs. Not many cats would put up with that, much less save the life of the small human creature doing it.