Watch These Big Cats Go On A Killing Spree — A Pumpkin Killing Spree

Halloween has finally arrived! This chilling time of year has finally reached its horror soaked culmination! That means it’s time for the creepiest, most spine-chilling GammaSquad post of the year! Those or you with weak constitutions or heart conditions, continue no further…

…all the wusses gone? Okay then, hit the jump for a video of cats VICIOUSLY MURDERING pumpkins. What? They’re big cats! Like tigers and stuff. I think there might even be a liger. They really tear into these pumpkins! Come on, Halloween was already tapped out a couple days ago. There aren’t any more “kids wearing inappropriate costumes” pictures left to post! Just click for the pumpkin massacre already.

Interesting fact — tigers are orange because they really love eating pumpkins. It’s true! [Note: It’s not true]

via Tastefully Offensive