Watch These Two Girls Completely Lose It On The Slingshot Ride From Hell

Meet Carmarie and Kanya, two best friends who made the mistake of getting on “The Vomatron and Slingshot” ride at The Indy Speedway in Florida, guaranteeing they will never be the same again. Starting their adventure with a goodbye to their family — as if they were going off to war — and pulling the most hilarious faces while flying through the air, it’s hard to pick a standout moment from the girls’ two minutes in the sky.

Plenty of people have been documented losing their minds on similar slingshot rides in the past, but very few of them have done it with the same pizzazz these girls do.

“If I die, tell my mama I love her,” one girl screams to the other, interrupting her friend’s cries of “Lord have mercy!”

“Honey, if you die,” her friend screams back, “I’m dying too!”

Fortunately, both girls survived.

(Via Reddit)