Watch This Aggressive Driver Send Two Women On A Harrowing Chase In This Terrifying Road Rage Incident

Two women driving on California’s Interstate 80 earlier this week survived a terrifying ordeal at the hands of an aggressive, potentially mentally ill driver. Delanie Strykul and Vanessa Gladieux were driving in Gladieux’s Mazda near Auburn Sunday afternoon when a silver pickup truck driven by 50-year-old Deirdre Orozco started tailing them. When they finally pulled over and Orozco came up to their car, impersonating a police officer, Gladieux knew something wasn’t right and peeled off. What followed was a terrifying road rage incident, all caught on video, in which Orozco continuously tried to run the two women off the road, even ramming into their car — all the while Strykul was frantically on the phone with 911.

Orozco was finally arrested when the police dispatcher guided the two women off of a highway exit to a waiting police officer, and is being held on $250,000 bail. As it turned out, she had also been arrested five days earlier in another hit and run case that also involved her throwing rocks through an acquaintance’s window. During her preliminary court hearing she flashed love signs and requested that her bail be lowered to $100 — so all signs point to this woman clearly not being right in the head.

(NY Daily News via Reddit)