Watch This Baltimore Traffic Reporter Get Caught Ordering McDonald’s Live On The Air

Baltimore’s Traffic Jam Jimmy doesn’t let anything get in the way of reporting the conditions of the road, including his breakfast order at McDonald’s. Fox45 reporter Candace Dold throws over to Jimmy right as he’s pulling into the drive thru to attempt to order a fish sandwich during breakfast. It doesn’t work.

Jimmy goes on to apologize for the gaffe, but still continues to get his food and detail the snow traffic details for viewers. Throw in the orange beard, dyed to support folks in Maryland suffering from multiple sclerosis, and it’s a classic video. The only thing that makes me question it is the golden arches sitting in his back seat. Either Jimmy is a repeat customer to McDonald’s or this is one of those sly viral ads.

Either way, I’ve never heard a more Baltimore-type guy order a fish sandwich. Throw in some Esskay sausages, some Natty Boh, and a Keno ticket to complete the character.

(Via WBFF FOX45 Baltimore / New York Daily News)