Watch This Discerning Cat Eat A Fancy Sushi Dinner While You Dine On Burnt Leftover Hot Dogs

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07.06.14 7 Comments

Whenever I order sushi takeout my cats are always getting all up in my grill, so I guess it makes sense that this person made their cat a fancy sushi dinner? I don’t know what a cat could ever do to deserve such an elegant meal, but here it is. What did you eat today, probably some leftover picnic garbage food? Yeah, well this cat had sushi prepared for it by its own personal chef. Think about that. And it didn’t even use chopsticks or anything, which would actually warrant feeding a cat sushi and then recording video of it. So, sorry everybody — this is basically the dumbest thing ever, I already feel like I’ve let you down.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)

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