Watch This Dude Get Caught Dancing And Singing In His Underwear While Cleaning

Now look, it’s probably better that you go into this clip believing that it is real. It is going to really help the enjoyment of it all, allowing a moment of joy before we pick it apart.

Done? Good. Now I automatically think this is fake because it is the Internet and 95% of the things we see are either viral ads, Clickhole videos ripped from their site, or fake pranks created for cheap fame.

I have no proof that this clip is fake, but it seems a bit convenient for a guy randomly just mopping in his underwear. Also he’s the worst maid in the world because he’s walking right over where he mopped, not to mention he’s only mopping the one spot that is right where the camera could catch it.

All of that aside, it is a vertical video and that should disqualify it from all praise. It’s just lucky that it has the presence of Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train.” Very lucky.

(Via Krewski)