Watch This Real Life ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Do Coke On The Train And Live His Best Life

In the spirit of seizing the day by its horns and making the most of it, a British banker decided that the best way to maximize his commute was to get really high on some delicious nose candy. That’s cool and all, but he wasn’t carpooling with six of his best buddies. No, he was snorting coke openly on the train. And now there’s video you can watch! The video was originally an exclusive in The Sun, but made its way onto YouTube before this guy’s high wore off.

Is this guy living his best life, or is he an embarrassment to train-riding folks (and bankers) everywhere? Either way, he’s probably too high to care. Oh, and before you rush to call him a d-bag for doing rails while on the rails (that is terrible, I know), you should know that he offered all the other passengers, including some impressionable children, a go.

Gotta agree with Bro Bible: The best part of this video is when the guy says, “This is no playground, boys. If you want to do a line and fucking play, you do it.” Then he blasts the rest of his stash right up the nose and into his bloodstream. (No, I have no idea what that means either.)

(Via Bro Bible)