Watch This Russian Man Feed An Enormous Bear Hanging Out By His Window

2015 might have its first potential front-runner for the Darwin Awards, a gentleman from Russia who was filmed by his friends feeding scraps of meat to a huge bear.

The man in the video leaves scraps of meat on the edge of the window, and the bear snatches them up with his mouth and front paws. Even as the paws creep closer and the bear’s claws scrape against the window frame, the man keeps feeding the bear and sticking his own hand out the window, as if inviting the bear to bite it off.

In case the sheer size of that bear’s paw wasn’t scary enough, consider this fact about brown bears:

Adult males can weigh up to 1400lbs, the same weight as an average sized car.

A brown bear isn’t an over-sized dog. This man is toying with a wild furry car-beast with teeth, claws, and paws built to knock him out cold. His eligibility for the Darwin Award, however, will depend on whether he encounters this giant beast again and if he has a bowl of raw meat handy, or if he can out-run any of his friends.

Source: Metro News