This Sad Kid Has To Smash His Game Consoles As Punishment For Bad Grades

05.14.15 4 years ago 17 Comments

Anyone with children will certainly tell you that kids are becoming increasingly difficult to reach these days. Because of this, frustrated parents are having to come up with harsher punishments to get through to them. This video is a fine example of such out-of-the-box parenting.

At the start of the (possibly fake) video, a young man named Jason is arguing with his father over poor grades in school. The boy can be heard pleading with his dad that the bad marks are not his fault (classic denial). The father, however, isn’t having any of it. Jason is then seen entering the shot holding a large sledgehammer, walking reluctantly toward a Xbox that is on the ground. After Jason attempts some last-second whining, the boy obediently begins hacking away at the console with the giant hammer. One game system wasn’t enough for good ol’ dad, though, because there’s another one that the father forces the crying boy to smash, as well.

The fact that the kid had to perform this ordeal in front of all his neighbors was definitely added cruelty. Now the neighborhood kids think Jason is a dummy, and that he doesn’t have cool video games. Shrewd move, Dad.

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(Via: Reddit, YouTube)

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