Watch A Vicious Fox Murder And Eat This Guy’s GoPro Camera In The Cutest Way Possible

The guy who had been recording this video was in Round Island, Alaska, to film wildlife with the University of Alaska Anchorage. He and some colleagues had been filming sea lions when they saw a fox coming along, so they put the camera on the ground to see if they could get some close up action. That was their first mistake. (Actually, that was their only mistake.) The fox then grabbed the guy’s camera and ran off with it (as you can hear them yelling in the background) and took it someplace to maul and eat it.

Luckily, after about a ten minute search the guy was able to recover his camera, which only needs the lens repaired. So I think the moral of the story we can take away from this, is that foxes are adorable balls of mischief and I still wish I had one as a pet. AREN’T YOU, MR. CAMERA-EATING FOXY WOXY?