Watch Two Garbage Men Have A Heated Battle On Someone’s Trashed Foosball Table

Being a garbage man has to be a pretty crummy gig, to say the least. The hours, weather, and that godawful smell probably all wear down one’s soul over time. So, it’s good to see some hard working folks have a bit of fun, even if it’s just playing a little foosball on the clock.

In this clip, a couple of sanitation guys are seen playing with a disposed foosball table in the street of an Illinois neighborhood. The weather looks pretty cold, but the two loafers are still giving the game their all. The video has no sound of the guys playing, so it almost has a silent film-style feel. The overacting and physical expressiveness of the two old-school gamers is pretty fun to watch.

Hopefully, the neighbor that filmed the quick game was just doing so for display on the internet, and not to get these two in trouble with their supervisors. It would be sad to see some fun-loving goofs get the boot.

(Via: Tastefully Offensive)