Watching NES Games Morph Into Their Cinematic Source Material Is Mesmerizing

If you were making a licensed game during the NES era, having a title screen that painstakingly recreates an iconic image from the movie your game was based on was pretty much a requirement. It didn’t matter if these title screens took up half your cartridge space — it was important to show off you badass pixel art skillz.

Well, a couple of artists going by Brother Brain and Low Interest decided to compare these classic NES title screens to their cinematic source material using neat morphing animated GIFs. It really is kind of amazing what developers used to be able to do with such limited resources…

via Arcade Sushi

art by Brother Brain & Low Interest

Of course all the games these images came from were completely awful garbage, but hey, sometimes a true artiste just has to say, “Screw it, I don’t care how my game plays, I just want a really bangin’ title screen”.