Terrifying Clowns Are Menacing A Wisconsin Town And People Are Freaking Out

Clowns are inherently terrifying to many people simply because they exist. Yet when a clown lurks menacingly (and silently) on a street corner, the horror quotient exponentially ups itself. The finer details of this tale remain unclear, but whatever is going down has shaken up a community and a college campus. The Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha, Wisconsin, has seen quite a few reported sightings of a clown, who usually dresses in an orange jumpsuit. The clown stands on street corners and in front of dilapidated structures. In Satan’s the clown’s wake, the community has come unglued.

Reporter Nick Bohr of WISN 12 ABC in Milwaukee has been on the case since weird stuff hit the news last week.

In short order, Bohr announced that the case was solved. The clown in the orange jumpsuit was a local teenager who is “developmentally delayed” and looking to freak people out. According to Waukesha Police Sgt. Jerry Habanek, the teenager “likes to watch the reactions people have when he’s dressed as a clown.” Case solved? Not quite. This story is not as simple as it seems…

Another clown has surfaced in Waukesha, and this one dresses as a “Joker-type” incarnation. This clown waves to people, and he was sighted at a time when the first clown’s alibi placed him at home with family. Police believe the new clown is a copycat, but there’s no telling what’s true when it comes to unsettling matters like this.

One thing is certain: This clown business has been ongoing for weeks, and it shows no signs of slowing down. One clown or two clowns makes no difference when it comes to stalkerish behavior. People are losing their minds on Twitter in a “ha ha” way, but they aren’t going out at night by choice.

People continued to freak out about these clowns all weekend long, and they’re still obsessed.

(Via Nick Bohr on Twitter and JSOnline)

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