We Might Know Who The Villains Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Are

We don’t know much about Star Wars: Episode VII. A hint here, a rumor there, TMZ photos everywhere. But no movie set can stay leak-free forever, and who the villains are might finally have escaped. Needless to say, there will be spoilers for the whole trilogy.

According to Making Star Wars, the villains are… Sith groupies! Specifically, they’re a former branch of the Empire tasked with hunting down Jedi. They’re not Sith, but they have lightsabers, black-and-chrome Stormtroopers, and a serious religious devotion to the red lightsaber crew. Apparently Luke has been keeping these guys from killing potential Jedi for the last thirty years.

Which actually sounds a lot like the main bad guy from Star Wars: Rebels, actually, but then again, we don’t know a lot about that show, either. Regardless, while the usual rule about seasoning any rumor with a grain or two of salt should be followed, this does sound like a reasonable way to deal with the fact that Luke restored balance to the Force and also why no other Jedi emerged over the years to challenge the Empire. Besides, it’s not like bumping off younglings isn’t an accepted part of the Star Wars canon.

The claims that, in Episode VIII, these Jedi Hunters revive the Sith and make them the main bad guys of Episode IX are a bit iffier. Those movies probably aren’t even written yet, and a lot can change. But at least for Episode VII, it seems we’ve got our bad guys. They will, however, likely lack the Emperor’s sick dance moves: