What Games Would You Be Willing to Pledge to Kickstarter For?

Hey, remember “Wasteland 2”, and how we predicted it’d wind up with $1.5 million?

Yeah, we were totally wrong: it’s crossed $1.5 million with 25 days to go. Penny Arcade brought attention to the modest request of “Banner Saga”; they wanted $100,000, and doubled that with 28 days to go on their drive. And as closer scrutiny is applied, it’s starting to seem like Kickstarter is the way to go to fund indie games: for example, “Cognition”, an original IP from Phoenix Online Studios, raised 136% of its goal of $25,000 without a Penny Arcade or a Kotaku behind it, just shoe leather and an appeal to fans of the adventure game genre.

Which to a lot of people leaves them asking the question…what other games can Kickstarter fund?

Kotaku has a post pointing out your average Kickstarter contributor shells out $35 for a game, and that this kind of audience could, say, revive sports games.

Which to us raises the fairly simple question: what games do you want to see that the publishers are not putting out? And more importantly, would you be willing essentially preorder the game to see it happen?

And, of course, point us towards any other successful Kickstarters, or ones you’ve pledged to. We’ll feature them in a later post.