What Is Barack Obama Thinking Reaching Over The Sneeze Guard At This Chipotle?

Pete Souza snapped this photo of President Obama ordering a nice meal at a local Chipotle and thought nothing of it. That’s a big mistake because within we can clearly see a major faux pas crime occurring.

Yes, that’s the President of the United States reaching over the sneeze guard at Chipotle and no one is saying a word to stop him. Not one person grabbed him or yelled at him to stop. Someone could’ve yelled out, “don’t you know what you’re doing?” But no, there was just silence. And hunger.

Well some eagle eyed folks on Twitter noticed and they let out some of their grief:

And there was this one fearless soul who managed to call out through the crowd, letting people know exactly who she thought the parties involved we acting like:

And while we’re calling either Obama or Souza a Judas, I wonder if anyone managed to ask if the president had thought about what the folks in Benghazi would’ve ordered if they could. You know, the kind of question that would ruin anyone’s day.

And why a bowl, Mr. President. Are you against the hard working farmers that grow the precious grains and wheat that make our delicious breads? Sickening.

Meanwhile, the line for the trough at Golden Corral curled around the corner and not a soul complained about what I just did in the bathroom without washing my hands. Time to eat some mashed potatoes and fondle the rolls.

(Via Pete Souza)