What These Firemen Did For A Man Who Suffered A Heart Attack Will Warm Even The Coldest Hearts

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If you live in the midwest or on the east coast, you’ve no doubt experienced some harsh weather in the last week. Here in New England, we’re currently in the midst of our third snowstorm of the week, each dropping between eight and 24 inches. That’s a lot of snow, which means there’s a lot of shoveling to be done. If you’re young and hearty, shoveling snow is little more than a giant pain in the ass that never seems to end, but at least it’s an excuse to avoid the gym.

But for some folks, shoveling snow — especially when it’s multiple inches or feet of snow — can actually be dangerous.

For example, out in Greenfield, Wisconsin yesterday, total snowfall reached around 10 inches after the town’s first major snowstorm of the year. Sadly, a man shoveling snow suffered cardiac arrest while clearing his driveway.

What the paramedics did after taking the man to the hospital, however, was awesome.

From the Greenfield Fire Department’s Facebook Page:

Yesterday, Greenfield Firefighter/Paramedics responded to a person shoveling that had a sudden cardiac emergency. Upon successfully transporting the patient to the hospital, Greenfield Firefighters returned to the scene and finished shoveling the drive.

Good on those guys for finishing the job. Hopefully, the heart attack victim has a successful recovery, and upon his return, a shoveled driveway that neighbors and family members will continue keeping shoveled for him. Once again, it just goes to show you how much even the smallest gestures can mean. Meanwhile, Greenfield, Wisconsin has every reason to be proud of its firefighters and paramedics.

Source: Facebook via Reddit