What’s Up With All The Beautiful Celebrity Women In Uncomfortable Poses?

Modelin’ is hard! And while I say that with a certain sense of irony, there’s also some sneaky truth to it. Yes, really attractive women get paid lots of money to get pictures of them taken in their underwear. But on the other hand, there’s dietary restrictions, hours in the makeup chair, demanding schedules, and sleazy photographers who insist that celebrity models hold poses that aren’t always natural for the human body. We are designed in such a way that bending and contorting for lengthy periods of time can cause stress on our frames. Chiropraction ain’t free, you know?

This is what celebrity models must often endure: A photographer that asks of her to sit on a tiny chair until the blood drains from her ass; hold a leg up in the air for excruciating periods of time; arch your back and throw back your hair, then hold; pose on all fours like that stuffed animal; give us the baseball catcher pose, in high heels; put that heavy object on your knee and DON’T FORGET TO SMILE; now run that arm through your legs, throw your feet over your head, stick your head through this hole, and FREEZE. Hold it … hold it … hold it … now giggle. Wait? You want me to lie on that ROCK? AND MAKE IT LOOK NATURAL?

Is all that effort worth it, just to look contorted and uncomfortable? What’s so sexy about the twisted female form? You be the judge in THIS slideshow I like to call: An Excuse to Browse Google Images for Three Hours and Call It a Job.

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