Important Debate: Which Movie Girlfriend Was Truly The Original Overly Attached Girlfriend?

Slow July Mondays are built for inane pop culture meets web culture debates amongst people who don’t know each other on the internet, and of course Reddit is the foremost authority for such things. Earlier today the above multipane image from The Waterboy was rapidly rising in popularity thanks to the the caption, “Overly attached girlfriend before it was cool.” You just can’t kill this meme.

The popularity rubbed me the wrong way for several reasons, primarily because The Waterboy marks the film where Adam Sandler realized how much enjoyed an inverse effort to cash money ratio and then proceeded to spend the rest of his career pooping on the memory of the movies teenage me held so dear. Also the film career of Fairuza Balk will never fail to perplex me.

But then some other gloriously anonymous internet person rose from the comments section to “fix” the above assertion and my inner geek’s day was made.

“I don’t own a gun. Let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.”

Just the superior answer in every way. Superior movie, superior comedy, superior acting, superior weirdness. Clip embedded below because you probably really want to watch the whole scene now. Thank you for indulging me.