Who Knew That Handing Out Free Sweet Goods In Front Of A Gym Would Cause Trouble?

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08.21.14 3 Comments

I never thought I’d meet a person who didn’t like a cupcake or brownie, but I clearly didn’t count on the people at this gym. The guys from Running Late with Scott Rogowsky on YouTube were just trying to spread some delicious treats to the people entering and leaving the gym, but the staff on hand wasn’t having it.

Our cupcake saviors handled it all pretty well though, proving that nothing everything has to end in some sort of violent chaos. A lot of folks even got into the spirit of the whole thing by the end, making me happy. I almost think it’d be fun to gorge on desserts in front of a gym everyday, until I die from severe obesity and diabetic shock. Carve, “he f*cking lived,” on my tombstone.

(Via Running Late Show)

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