Whoops, Somebody Went And Got 'Max Payne 3' In Our 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Rockstar’s really been talking up the combat mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V — they’re going to be fun, focused, fluid, and for those who played the last Max Payne game, really, really familiar! Yes, it looks as though Grand Theft Auto V’s groundbreaking new combat mechanics have been lifted lock, stock and barrel from last year’s Max Payne 3.

Hit the jump for a video comparing the few snippets of GTAV combat we’ve seen, to Max Payne 3

Yup, seems pretty conclusive. Not that this is really a bad thing — it’s kind of surprising to see such a high profile game being so blatant about the fact that it’s built from old parts, but on the other hand, it’s about damn time Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto team sucked it up and got some combat tips from the Max Payne team.

via Gameranx